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September 12, 2008

Adults who can’t “carry a tune”

Filed under: Teaching thoughts/tips — jan @ 12:57 pm

Most often when an adult student comes to me for voice lessons because they can’t carry a tune the story is this. When they were children they were told by a teacher to mouth the words because they weren’t singing the notes. They stop singing and are frustrated. Would you tell an child that he/she “can’t do fractions” so just pretend to do the math problem? Of course not. Well, if you work with a child who is struggling to sing, that can be fixed easily, too. It takes a lot longer if you wait for the child to grow up.

And then there are the singers of most any age who make you cringe because they have so many out of tune notes. Most often, it isn’t because the singer can’t hear the notes. It is most often because the co-ordination of the muscles isn’t in sync for them to produce the notes they hear. It’s fixable. It often takes time AND maturity. If you are someone who thinks you can’t sing and you really want to sing, find a teacher who will work with you. Don’t choose a teacher who will say, you can’t do it!

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